About me

My name is Eva Maria Kiss, and my teaching and research at the University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern (Department of Applied Engineering) focuses on topics involving databases, machine learning, numerical methods and underlying models and algorithms.

University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern

The Department of Applied Engineering (AING) offers students the opportunity to pursue an exceptional, high quality education in the largest electrical and mechanical engineering department in Rhineland-Palatinate.

Courses, Tutorials and Quizzes

Courses that I currently teach include Algorithms (Sorting, Search, Linked Lists, Hashing, Trees, Graphs, using Java), Numerical Methods (Modeling, Differentiation, Integration, ODEs, PDEs) using MATLAB), Database Systems(Architecture, Functionality, Relational Data Model, Entity Relationship, SQL) and Introduction to Programming (using C as first language).

Courses at Master's level do not have formal prerequisites, but basic programming skills are essential. On this website you find Tutorials and Quizzes intended to support self-study and exam preparations.

In order to attend Numerical Methods successfully, you need to know MATLAB fundamentals, which are part of the curriculum in engineering programmes at Bachelor level at University Kaiserslautern. The online MATLAB Tutorial from this website gives a brief introduction to the MATLAB language using as environment MATLAB 2020. Basic MATLAB syntax (variables, operators, input, output, arrays, matrices, functions, plotting) is illustrated using small examples that are saved as MATLAB scripts, for example test_hello.m, test_output.m. The examples will also run in the open source software Octave. After completing this tutorial, you can take the MATLAB Quiz to test your MATLAB fundamentals.

Students should sign up for a course on the E-Learning platform OpenOLAT, where they will find additional material for download.


Talk series STUDIUM & BERUF

On 02.03.2021, high school students can attend online via BigBlueButton the web-event STUDIUM & BERUF, where they are informed about the courses on offer at the University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern. Here you can download the presentation from last year, (in German) with details about our Electrical Engineering program.


elab2go - Mobile Engineering Lab is an online platform for demonstrators showcasing new technologies and trends. Current demonstrators and tutorials explain basics concepts and methods of Applied Machine Learning, Predictive Maintenance, and Internet of Things. For example, an IoT demo Sensor Data shows how a network of microcontrollers and sensors send temperature measurements to a webserver, where the data are stored in a database and displayed on a live website.

The series of demonstrators and tutorials Demo-PYx introduces to models and algorithms of Machine Learning, e.g. Decision Trees, Cluster Analysis, Artificial Neural Networks) by using Python as programming language, the Python-packages for data analysis Pandas, Scikit-Learn, Keras, Tensorflow, and Jupyter Notebook or Google Colab as web-based IDE.

Another series of demonstrators explain the idea underlying Predictive Maintenance and the steps of the process on an automotive dataset. The data analysis is carried out with a decision tree as predictive data model, using different tools (R, Python, MATLAB, RapidMiner).